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In 1994 Lehigh purchased Crawford Products. In 2003 The Lehigh Group was acquired by Jarden Corporation - a leading provider of consumer products in and around the home.

For over 50 years, SecureLine® by Lehigh has been synonymous with quality cordage. In 1960, the Lehigh Group launched the first line of consumer packaged rope under the Lehigh® brand to major retailers.2

Wellington is a superior cordage company, dedicated to producing the highest quality products in the industry.



Abrasion: The additional stress that is imposed on the product as a result of an increase in load velocity.

Breaking Strength: The ultimate load at which a tensile strength failure occurs in the representative samples being tested. Breaking strength is a manufacturing test in which a load is applied to the representative sample product under increasing force applied by a testing machine. Breaking strength should not be used for design, service, or application purposes. Lehigh Consumer Products, LLC. ("Lehigh") does not customarily refer to breaking strengths in any of its publications or website.